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img-sobreATMOS has created to design weather radars. Developed S and X band weather radars with own and innovative technology, from which has developed and manufactured:

  • The most local┬ácontent weather radar;
  • The first Brazilian X-band weather radar;
  • The first dual-pol weather radar in operation in Brazil.

Today, ATMOS has expanded its services and products. Performs maintenance and upgrade of complex systems like:

  • ATC Radars
  • Air Defense Radars
  • COMINT Systems
  • Naval Systems
  • Weather Radars
  • Avionics

Through Brazilian Air Force and Navy contracts, developed many items:

  • Radar parts
  • Nuclear reactor parts
  • Submarine parts
  • Antenna position controllers

Today, ATMOS holds a Strategic Defense Company (EED) certificate from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.